is trevor matich married

What happened Trevor Matich?

He has appeared as a Washington Redskins studio analyst for their pregame and postgame shows and has won eight Emmys for his work. He currently is employed by ESPN, primarily working on ESPN’s College Football coverage along with appearances on SportsCenter.

Is Trevor Matich LDS?

On the surface, it’s easy to admire the life of Trevor Matich. … But more admirable than what Matich has achieved is the story of how he got there. He faced multiple personal challenges growing up. He learned to deal with adversity as a Mormon missionary in Mexico.

What happened to Trevor Matich arm?

A teammate crashed into him on the third day of mini-camp last May, and by the time the full training camp began in Carlisle, Pa., in July, Matich still couldn’t brush his teeth or tie his tie. “And that’s my snapping arm.

How much does Trevor Matich make?

Trevor Matich Net Worth : $ 1.4 MillionPer Day:Per Hour:Per Second:$ 1140$ 19$ 0.05

Where did Trevor Matich go to college?

Matich, a first-round draft choice of the New England Patriots in 1985, played in the NFL for 12 season, finishing with the Washington Redskins in 1996. At Brigham Young University, he was a two-time All-Western Athletic Conference center, leading the Cougars to the 1984 NCAA Football Championship.

Did treavor scales play football?

Treavor Scales – 2012 – Football – Harvard University.

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