is victoria fren married

Is Victoria Fren from Travel Guides married?

The couple have been married for more than 30 years and share two kids together, Victoria and Jonathon. While Victoria is always ready to voice an opinion, Jonathon is a little more on the reserved side out of the bunch – offering a good mix within the family.

Is Jonathan Fren getting married?

And in happy Fren Family news, Jono recently got engaged! Being part of a travel-based show, it’s no surprise that Jono popped the question and proposed to his now-fiancée Danielle Clark, 28, while abroad in Philadelphia. … We both truly appreciate all the love & support we from our incredible family & friends.”

What do the Fren family do for jobs?

Mark and Cathy Fren, along with their children Victoria and Jonathon, have owned and run Bavarian restaurant Oma’s Kitchen on Watt Street since 2012. Cathy is in charge of the kitchen, using recipes passed down from her German grandmother.

Do the Travel Guides know each other?

Do you get to know any of the other Travel Guides in the course of the show? We don’t get to know them to a great extent, but we do meet them.

Are Kevin and Janetta married?

Kevin and Janetta have been married for 30 years. Although semi-retired, Kevin is a part-time travel writer and food critic. Janetta has roots in travel – she is a former airline employee. They describe themselves as “high-end and discerning”.

Who did Jonathan Fren marry?

So, it will come as no surprise that there was plenty of fun when Mark, Cathy, Jonathon and Victoria welcomed a new addition to their brood, as Jonathon married his partner of two years, Danielle Clarke.3 days ago

How long have Kevin and Janetta been married?

Kevin, 63, and Janetta, 69, describe themselves as ‘holiday snobs’, as they want the best of the best for everything. The pair, who have been married for over three decades, don’t have children, and are passionate wine enthusiasts.

Where do stack and Mel live?

I’m 29 and currently living near Wangaratta, Northern Victoria, working in a feedlot. I’ve got a twin sister, Stack, and we travel the world together as part of Travel Guides.

Are stack and Mel twins?

The show features identical twins Stacey and Mel Wilburn, aka Stack and Mel, who have been dubbed the “cowgirls” because of their background in mustering, roping and rodeos. Stack is a former Gunnedah resident and was living at a “mate’s place” when she discovered Travel Guides in 2016.

Are Matt and Monni still together?

Currently single, both say their nomadic lifestyles make it difficult to find long-lasting romance. However, they’re not tempted to make their relationship anything but a platonic one. “Love transformed into this beautiful friendship,” Monni, 24, says.

Where are Kevin and Janetta?

Both: A little town in Central Victoria – Maldon. It looks pretty much like what it did during the Gold Rush of the 1860s when it was founded. We moved here permanently from Abbotsford when we retired and love country life.

How old is the Fren family?

The Fren family, Mark (59) and Cathy (57), and their two kids Jonathon (29) and Victoria (27) owned and operated Bavarian-style restaurant Oma together for ten years. “Because of the restaurant they actually asked Mum to audition for a cooking show,” Victoria said.

Is Mel Wilburn married?

Sons Royce, 9, and Wyatt, 5, are often on the circuit with Wilburn and her partner Ryan Gill. She is originally from Benalla in Victoria and left school at age 14 to go rodeoing. Wilburn now calls Upper Horton, NSW, home.

Who are the posh couple on Travel Guides?

Maldon’s intrepid travellers Kevin Moloney and Janetta Stones are loving their experience three seasons into the Channel Nine series Travel Guides The couple – who are experienced travellers – are billed as the show’s snobs.

Where do stack and Mel come from?

These identical twin cowgirls from country NSW are a little wary when it comes to venturing anywhere beyond the Outback, but they are willing to give anything a crack.

How old is Kevin and Jeanetta?

Kevin (61) and Janetta (67), the discerning holiday snobs. These married, jet-setting retirees seek out the finest accommodation, food and wine, and hate settling for anything second-rate.

How old is stack and Mel?

Mel Wilburn of Travel Guides fame is 30 years old. Mel and Stack Wilburn are twins. They were Australian citizens and were born in Australia.

What happened to deepesh and sage Travel Guides?

Channel Nine delays airing season four of Travel Guides in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Channel Nine’s Travel Guides will not be aired this year. … The new season was also meant to be the debut for the new couple replacing husband and wife team, Deepesh and Sage.

Where are the Indian couple from Travel Guides?

Loved-up Melbourne couple Deepesh and Sage met online four years ago through the dating site RSVP and married in 2017. Both are Indian-born but now call Australia home.

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