is wendy mass married

Does Wendy Mass have kids?

Griffin MassChloe Mass

Is Wendy Mass still writing?

Her latest books are Bob (co-written with Rebecca Stead) and two early reader series called Space Taxi (co-written with Michael Brawer), and Time Jumpers. Wendy wrote the storyline for an episode of the television show Monk, entitled “Mr. Monk Goes to the Theatre,” which aired during the show’s second season.1 mag 2018

How do I contact Wendy Mass?

Teachers, librarians, and Parents: if you’d like to reach me for any book-related issues or are interested in hosting a school visit, please contact me at [email protected] or visit my Events and School Visits page for more information.1 mag 2018

Where did Wendy Mass go to high school?

Tufts UniversityCalifornia State University Long Beach

Why did Wendy Mass write A Mango-Shaped Space?

WM: I wanted to be an astronaut, which is probably why I write about outer space a lot, and why I give that interest to so many characters.

Does Every Soul a Star have a sequel?

Is there going to be a sequel to A Mango-Shaped Space, Every Soul a Star, or Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life? A. Alas, no.1 mag 2018

How many series has Wendy Mass written?

All the five books of the series 11 Birthdays, Finally, 13 Gifts, The Last Present and Graceful have received positive reviews by the literary critics and also from the general public.

Does Wendy Mass have synthesia?

Thirteen-year-old Mia Winchell discovers that she has a rare neurological condition called synesthesia. As Mass told Beverly Rowe for, “synesthesia is a condition that some people have where the different senses—touch, taste, hearing, vision, and smell—get mixed up instead of remaining separate.

Why did Wendy Mass become an author?

Mass realized she wanted to inspire pre-teens, teens, and adults by writing books for children, teens, and adults. … She has a master’s degree in creative writing from California State University, Long Beach and a Doctor of Letters degree from Drew University.

Will there be another candymakers book?

Thank you to everyone who helped land THE CANDYMAKERS AND THE GREAT CHOCOLATE CHASE on the New York Times Children’s bestseller list and the Indie Booksellers Children’s bestseller list on its first week out!8 set 2016

Is Every Soul a Star realistic fiction?

Every Soul a Star is a 2008 novel for children and young adults by Wendy Mass….Every Soul a Star.Cover artAuthorWendy MassGenreRealistic FictionPublisherLittle, Brown and Co.Publication date2008Altre 5 righe

Is A Mango-Shaped Space realistic fiction?

A Mango-Shaped Space is Mass’s fourth fiction novel….A Mango-Shaped Space.1st edition copyAuthorWendy MassCountryUnited StatesLanguageEnglishGenreRealistic FictionAltre 8 righe

How much education did Wendy Mass have?

Born 1967, in Livingston, NJ; Education: Tufts University, B.A. (English); California State University at Long Beach, M.A. (English); Drew University, doctor of letters degree. Agent—Curtis Brown, Ltd., Ten Astor Place, New York, NY 10003. Writer.

Where did Wendy Mass go to college?

Tufts UniversityCalifornia State University Long Beach

How old is MIA in A Mango-Shaped Space?

In an intriguing first novel, Mass introduces a 13-year-old heroine with an unusual perspective. Mia Winchell is a synesthete; her visual and hearing senses are connected so that numbers, letters, words, sounds and even some people’s auras appear to her as colors.

What does Mia see in the air after the acupuncture?

When Mia comes out of the acupuncture session, she can see colors everywhere. All around people she sees bursts of bold colors floating in the air. Usually she seems them with letters, numbers, and sounds, not people.

What color is Mia’s name in A Mango-Shaped Space?

Main characters – Mia, as a synesthete, she sees shapes of colors whenever she hears sounds and sees colors for letters and numbers. For instance, the color of her name is candy apple red with a hint of light green.4 ott 2014

Where does ally live in every soul a star?

12-year-old ALLY likes the simple things in life—labyrinths, stargazing, and comet hunting. Her home, the Moon Shadow Campground, is a part of who she is.1 ott 2008

What is Ally’s last name in every soul a star?

Ally Holden is the first essayist and character presented in Every Soul a Star. Ally has been raised by her parents on Moon Shadow Campground for as long as she can remember. Her life has been quite isolated.

Where did Jack find Stella when she was missing?

Bree thinks if they can get one of Ally’s parents to stay with Ally at the campground and one of her parents to leave with her they will both live were they want. Jack found Stella in the small garden in the back of the motel. She was doing something like yoga Jack explains.

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