is william gray espy married

What does William Gray Espy do now?

He left acting in the early 1990s and returned to Alabama to take care of family matters. He is devoted to preserving and reforesting land and developing a wildlife habitat for turkey, quail, and deer. He currently resides in Dothan, Alabama.

Who is Janice Lynde married to?

Janice Lynde (born March 28, 1948) is an American actress. The Houston, Texas-born, Lake Charles, Louisiana-reared Lynde began her career with the Dallas Symphony, both as a pianist and as a vocal soloist….Janice LyndeSpouse(s)Fred Scrutchfield (1967-1970)7 rader till

Who is Janice and William on tattletales?

“TATTLETALES” Welcomes 3 New Star Couples are William Gray Espy “The Young & The Restless” & Janice Lynde “ANOTHER WORLD: BAY CITY,” Bill Macy “Maude” & Samantha Harper & Scoey & Claire Mitchlll.

What happened to Paul Lynn?

Paul Lynde died under mysterious circumstances when he was found dead in his bed after possibly suffering a heart attack in January 1982 at age 55. He had been in ill-health for over a year with cancer or some other illness that was never fully revealed to the public before or after his death.

Does Leslie Brooks really play the piano on Y&R?

The daughter of Jennifer and Stuart Brooks, Leslie was an accomplished pianist, although her focus on her music made her introverted and single.16 sep. 2021

Who was Scoey on Match Game?

Scoey Mitchell, sometimes credited as Scoey Mitchlll, is an American actor, writer and TV director known for frequent appearances on 1970s game shows, including Match Game and Tattletales. He starred in the short-lived series Barefoot in the Park and had a recurring role on Rhoda.

Who is Uncle Arthur?

Maxwell. Uncle Arthur, a recurring character played by Paul Lynde on the television comedy series Bewitched.

Who is Greg Morris wife?

Greg MorrisOccupationActorYears active1963–1995Spouse(s)Leona Keyes ​ ( m. 1956)​Children3; including Phil and Iona5 rader till

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