is yianni married

Is Yanni still married to Linda Evans?

Linda Evans (born Linda Evenstad; November 18, 1942) is an American actress known primarily for her roles on television….Linda EvansOccupationActressYears active1960–1997; 2020–presentSpouse(s)John Derek ​ ​ ( m. 1968; div. 1974)​ Stan Herman ​ ​ ( m. 1975; div. 1979)​Partner(s)Yanni (1989–1998)2 more rows

How many kids does Yianni Charalambous have?

Yianni is expected to announce the mother of his three children in the coming days.

What is Yiannimize real name?

Yianni Charalambous (@yiannimize) • Instagram photos and videos.

How many kids does Yiannimize?

I have two kids who are 11 and 7, and I always make sure I take time to see the kids and take pictures with them.

Who is Bert Yiannimize?

Bert Hussein – Managing Director – Yiannimize | LinkedIn.

Does Yianni own Yiannimize?

Yianni is a 41-year-old entrepreneur (at the time of writing this) and while being a business owner, is now the presenter of the tv show ‘Yianni: Supercar Customiser’ which is shown on Dave TV.

Who won Yiannimize Lamborghini?

Ryan Lines From Rugby was the lucky winner of the Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster 1 of 500 worth over £300,000. The announcement of the winner happened on our livestream and we even called him to break the news.

How did Yiannimize start his business?

I started Yiannimize 12-years ago, the name comes from customise and Yianni. We started by taking people’s cars and outsourcing all the work. I’d literally be dropping off and picking up cars from my trusted circle of specialists. I had people I used for wheels and tyres, another for audio and so on.

What car does Yanni have?

Based on his own Lamborghini Aventador, Yianni explained how much he charges. “This car was grey underneath, but we wrapped it in satin black.

What nationality is Yanni?

Yanni, in full Yanni Chryssomallis, (born November 14, 1954, Kalamata, Greece), Greek-born American composer and keyboardist who was a leading figure in late 20th-century New Age music—a characteristically nonarousing genre of popular music, often entirely instrumental and used for relaxation or meditation.

Is Yanni rich?

Yanni net worth: Yanni is a Greek pianist, keyboardist, composer and music producer who has a net worth of $50 million….Yanni Net Worth.Net Worth:$50 MillionHeight:5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)Profession:Composer, Pianist, Film Score Composer, Record producer, Keyboard PlayerNationality:Greece2 more rows

Why did Karen Briggs leave Yanni?

Briggs found classical music restricting, and after four years at the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Briggs left for New York in 1987 seeking to play jazz instead. … Linda Evans, then in a relationship with Yanni, pushed for Briggs to be a featured soloist in Yanni’s Live at the Acropolis tour.

Who is Linda Evans partner?

Stan Hermanm. 1975–1979John Derekm. 1968–1974

Where is Yanni today?

He’s played at the Taj Mahal, in Beijing’s Forbidden City and at the Acropolis in Greece, the country of his birth. As of 2020, Yanni has a net worth of $60 million. Yanni: Live at the Acropolis Yanni burst into mass consciousness as an artist when he appeared in concert live at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

Is Yanni retired?

YanniYanni Γιάννης ΧρυσομάλληςBornNovember 14, 1954 Kalamata, GreeceGenresContemporary instrumental, instrumental crossover, world, new-ageInstrumentsPiano, keyboardsYears active1977–present6 more rows

How old is Krystal Ann?

Krystal Ann SimpsonKrystal SimpsonBornAugust 23, 1982NationalityAmericanKnown forfashion

Does Yanni have siblings?

In Kalamata, on the shores of the Mediterranean, Yanni was born in 1954 to Sotiri and Felitsa Chryssomallis. The second of three children, Yanni has an older brother and a younger sister. Sharing a deep-rooted love of music, the family spent much of their time playing and singing together.

Who is Yianni Carwow?

Yianni Charalambous is an Entrepreneur from England. He is Founder and owner of Yiannimize who specializes in designing custom cars for celebrities.

Is Bert related to Yianni?

Yiannimize are famous for their customer wraps they have provided for celebrities such as One Direction star Zayn Malik and Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay. The management team at Yiannimize is built up of Yianni Charalambous (Owner), Bert Hussein (Sales & Operations Manager) and Georgina Theo (Office Manager).

How much do car wrappers earn UK?

The average vehicle wrapper salary in the United Kingdom is £25,000 per year or £12.82 per hour. Entry level positions start at £21,500 per year while most experienced workers make up to £27,500 per year.

Who works at Yiannimize?

Yianni Charalambous customizes celebrity cars, specializing in incredibly rare and expensive cars. He runs a vinyl wrapping garage called Yiannimize and now has a show called, “Yianni: Supercar Customizer.” Yianni has worked with KSI, Harry Styles, Rupert Grint, Gordon Ramsay, and Anthony Joshua.

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