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Hey Baby, What’s Your Number?

We are taking a break from our Spice Rack Essentials to bring you some

Creative Spice tips.

If you are like us, then,being married for a while can cause some predictable sexual patterns to emerge.

Chip and I strive to keep it fun and interesting, as well as trying to find exciting ways to add variety.

One of the ways we do this is to devise an agreed upon signal or game we can play to help initiate sex.

We call it the Horny Number.

Yes, I know, how original.

We Pepper’s are practical people. Simple, and it works!

You can guess as to what we do with these numbers here, can’t you?

We use a scale from 1 to 10, {10 being the horniest} to tell one another whether or not we are interested in making love tonight. {or today}:)

We may ask each other, “hey, baby, what’s your number?”

Or one of us might just blurt out at dinner, “I’m an 8 today!”  {or a 6, or 5, or 10}

*The kids have no idea and think we are crazy in general, so they just ignore us.

The way we work it  is, if our numbers total a 10 or more we go for it.

If one of us is a 9 or 10 and the other just a 1, or 2 out of good faith and our giving selves, we do it for the other’s pleasure. {in the process the low numbered spouse ends up really enjoying it for lack of expectations}

If we are both a 3, then, we definitely go to sleep. If we equal 8 or 9, we get more specific to see if we really could be doing something else, or throw caution to the wind and fool around anyway.

Because you already know the number then the you don’t have “expectations” and it really takes the stress off and lets the other know what your level of interest is ahead of time.

Basically, it gets right to the point. If one of us is a low number, we know the energy level is going to be low, and we don’t get upset if we are half into it at first.

We are not always on the same schedule hormonally, emotionally or  physically as our spouse.

Mostly, I would be the one to be a lower number. Wiping butts and noses all day can do that to a woman.  I don’t know, call me crazy. Chip is real sensitive to the ebb and flow of my monthly cycle, and this way helps him even more.

There are no very few days in which Chip would NOT want to fool around and so his number is usually over 5.

I know, right….what is he thinking?

The number scale really helps us communicate in a creative way, the need or desire  to have some love time {or use the number scale to help pick where you are going to eat for your date}!

Some other creative ways you can use to initiate sex could involve a prop.

Print some fun coupons, or use fake money or coins.

If you give your spouse 2 coins, that means you want the “all night special”.

But, if one of you is tired and only half into it, give one coin to communicate ” lets keep it short and sweet.”

Maybe you have a favorite sculpture or a stuffed animal you gave her on your first date to the fair. You could make a sign to hang on its neck.  It could read YES/NO, or TONIGHT/TOMORROW or a ♥☺/☻

Whatever words you like to use with each other.

You get the picture.

Come up with some of your own CREATIVE  initiation methods to keep your relationship fun and alive!

Anyone got any Creative Spice they want to share?


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