when is alex drummond getting married

What is the wedding date for Alex Drummond?

Ree Drummond’s daughter Alex married Mauricio Scott on May 1, and while the couple have been generous with photos on Instagram, fans have had to wait for all of the details. With this Saturday’s (June 26) The Pioneer Woman: Ranch Wedding special on the Food Network, the wait ends.

What does Alex Drummonds fiance do for a living?

While Mauricio has been known to pull a prank or two on the set of The Pioneer Woman, he actually has a full-time (and then some) job for a technology consulting company.

How can I watch Alex Drummond wedding special?

The Pioneer Woman fans will get a front row seat to all the action when a special presentation of Alex and Mauricio’s wedding airs on Food Network and Discovery+ on June 26 at 11 a.m. EST.

Will Alex Drummonds wedding be televised?

You’ll be able to see Alex and Mauricio’s magical night on TV during The Pioneer Woman wedding special, which airs on June 26 at 11 a.m. EST. It’ll be on both Food Network and Discovery+, so you can watch it on whichever platform you prefer.

Where is Alex Drummond getting married?

Alex Drummond is now Alex Scott after marrying Mauricio Scott on May 1 in Oklahoma. Portions of the event and the planning were filmed for TV. The Alex Drummond wedding special will air on Food Network and Discovery + on June 26. The couple took their honeymoon in the Maldives.

Is Alex Drummond engaged?

Ree Drummond’s daughter Alex marries in stunning ceremony at family ranch — see the pics. The newlyweds met during their freshman year of college and got engaged in August. After nine months of planning, Alex Drummond got to celebrate her big day!2 maj 2021

Is Alex on Pioneer Woman Pregnant?

One viewer asked Alex when she and Mauricio plan to have a baby. Alex says she and Mauricio aren’t in any hurry to start a family. She simply replied, “no time soon.” She explained they’re “still kids,” and would like to enjoy being married before they have children.22 aug. 2021

What is Paige Drummond doing?

Paige is Ree Drummond’s younger daughter. She is currently attending her final year at The University of Arkansas for hospitality management.20 aug. 2021

What does Mauricio Scott do?

After earning a bachelor’s degree in industrial distribution from Texas A&M University in 2019 (where he and Alex met!), Mauricio went on to intern at PepsiCo as a sales intern before he landed his first full-time job as a consultant of customer experience at West Monroe Partners.2 maj 2021

What’s REE Drummonds net worth?

Ree Drummond Net WorthNet Worth:$50 MillionDate of Birth:Jan 6, 1969 (53 years old)Gender:FemaleProfession:Food writer, Photographer, Author, Food criticNationality:United States of America

What are Ree Drummond’s daughters doing now?

Ree Drummond’s daughter, Alex Drummond, is working for her mom these days, as she revealed what she and her new husband Mauricio do for a living. Alex also shared what kind of a boss her mom is while Ree revealed her thoughts on having her daughter work for her full-time.14 aug. 2021

How did Ladd Drummond break his neck?

Ladd and Caleb were driving Himmat Fire Trucks and collided while they were responding to fires in the area. … Ladd drove himself to the hospital, where he learned he had broken his neck in two places. “And evidently one of the two fractures was very close to being catastrophic,” Ree said.

What happened to Ree Drummonds husbands neck?

The Pioneer Woman’s husband broke his neck following a car accident in March. Ree Drummond’s husband Ladd is still healing months after he was involved in a truck collision with his nephew, Caleb, that broke his neck.7 maj 2021

How did Alex Drummond meet her husband?

Mauricio and Alex met at college. Mauricio graduated from Texas A&M University in 2019, where he earned a degree in engineering. He and Alex met when they were freshmen on campus and proudly celebrated together at graduation four years later.5 maj 2021

Where does Bryce Drummond go to college?

Bryce started college last January at University of North Texas. He graduated from high school a semester early so he could start college a semester early and be able to make spring practice with the football team (you might remember that he was recruited to be one of the quarterbacks.)24 aug. 2021

Did Ree Drummond gain weight?

“I went a little overboard, but I thought that night, ‘I am going to start tomorrow, I am doing something different. ‘ ” Drummond keeps track of how much weight she lost but she says the number isn’t what motivates her. “It was never about I have to lose this amount, it’s really about how I feel,” she said.16 sep. 2021

How is Jamar related to The Pioneer Woman?

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Introduced Her Foster Son to the World, and Um, He’s Kind of a Stud! In late 2020, The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond revealed to the world that she and her husband, Ladd, brought in a foster son — a teenager named Jamar.

Who is Stu pioneer woman?

Stuart Smith is the nephew of Ree Drummond, the woman behind The Pioneer Woman. Expressing her love for her nephew, she posted to Instagram saying: “Usually I go a step further and call him Tooie Booie. I told him I was going to stop calling him Tooie Booie and start calling him Stuart. It lasted about nine minutes.5 feb. 2022

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